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About Us

We can help with scholarship information, test prep, college admissions essays, and writing projects. However, we specialize in ACT and SAT Test Prep. We value difference and all types of students and realize each student learns differently and each student has a different need. 


Success Starts Here

I specialize in helping students improve test scores. I'm a high school and college Instructor as well as an ACT Prep teacher. I also realize that students simply want to be heard and valued and that not all students learn the same. I love to help people learn. I have also served as a college advisor and specialist who teaches high school students about scholarship opportunities. I bring 21 years of experience to the table and I offer a unique perspective as someone who has both high school and college experience. My students always see huge test score improvements; I specialize in helping students achieve their scholarship goals, helping students understand college entry requirements, and in helping students feel better prepared for college and standardized tests. Further, I am well versed in making students career-ready as well as not all students are suited for the college pathway. I also have experience getting helping high school athletes understand and prepare for NCAA eligibility requirements for the Clearinghouse as well as getting many college athletes scholarships to cover the cost of college not covered in their athletic offerings.

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