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Outside of Class


We know each student is different and we can bring you from a 15 to a 21 or a 25 to a 30. 

What People Say

-Maura H.

Ms. Leta worked with me after I had taken a Bootcamp with no score increase. I went from a 21 to a 26 after working with her; We evaluated specific learning targets where I needed to focus my study time and after more work with her, I finally achieved a 30, which afforded me the opportunity for an academic scholarship. My superscore was actually a 32. Thus, I went from a 21  to a 32 combining her expertise with my persistent studying. 

-Amy M.

Leta worked with Jackson by phone a couple of times on both is English and his Reading as his Science and Math scores were good enough to qualify for a scholarship. We just needed a fairly high score in all four areas in order to qualify for an academic scholarship to pay the tuition difference that his baseball scholarship did not cover. Even at a D1 school, baseball players only receive a partial scholarship. With just a little work, we were able to get a better score in those areas, qualifying for an academic scholarship that covered a lot of the tuition that his scholarship offering did not cover from athletics.”


I worked with Ms. Leta to improve my Math as I needed a higher ACT Score to make certain that I met the NCAA Eligibility requirements for D1 athletes. She helped me with my Math score from 17 to 26 and I am now playing football at one of the top Big 12 Football Programs in the country.

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